Microsoft Intune (TDM-MSIntune)

The training should provide administrators with an understanding of Intune usage and capabilities. They must be able to implement functional and technical questions and troubleshoot problems. The focus is on mobile device management (MDM) of and mobile application management (MAM) on Windows 10, Android, iOS and iPadOS. An interactive training with a Microsoft 365 demo environment with Intune for each student where the participants can practise and configure.

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Course Modules

Intune Concepts and Architecture

  • Integration with secure-and-protect services (Microsoft 365, Windows Defender and Conditional Access)
  • Mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM)
  • Device management
  • Enrollment and support configurations (including Samsung KNOX)
  • Intune in the Azure Portal and features in development
  • Microsoft Store for Business and Managed Google Play store apps (for Android Enterprise devices)

Configure device settings

  • Windows 10 enrollment
    • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Join
    • Autopilot (White Glove)
  • Android enrollment (Enterprise and Samsung KNOX)
  • Control device features and settings (Device profiles: create assign and monitor)
    • restriction settings
    • WIFI, VPN and certificates
    • Endpoint Protection
    • Administrative templates
    • Delivery optimization settings
    • Application and e-mail configuration
  • Compliance (rules on devices to allow access to resources in your organization)
    • Password
    • Device encryption
    • Minimum OS
    • ..
  • Device Protection
    • Reset passcodes when users are locked out of their devices
    • Device and application lifecycle
    • App protection policies and data protection
    • Device retirement
  • Application management and deployment
    • Windows 10
    • Android
    • iOS en iPadOS
    • Scripts
    • Selective Wipe

Help and support

  • Troubleshoot device enrollment
  • Use the troubleshooting portal to help users
  • Use audit logs to track and monitor events
  • Troubleshoot app installation issues
  • Troubleshoot policies and profiles