Microsoft One Note End User Training - MSON (TDM-MSON)

Replace your paper notebook with MS OneNote.

MS OneNote makes it easy to coordinate your notes and bundle your notes together. MS OneNote is the ideal tool during meetings, periodic consultations and projects. Take notes, insert links, images, and even sound recordings. All in one place and even linked to existing documents, MS Outlook appointments or tasks and shareable with colleagues.

Target Audience:

This training is intended for MS Office users who want to discover and use the capabilities of MS OneNote in the work and for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of MS OneNote


The following prior knowledge is required:

Basic user knowledge of MS Windows and user knowledge of other MS Office programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Outlook.


  • Introduction
  • Notebooks, Sections, and Pages.
  • Create a new Notebook
  • About Sections and Pages
  • Formatting
  • Copy, move, or merge sections.


  • Create a first Notebook
  • The Microsoft OneNote environment
  • Close a Notebook
  • Opening a Notebook
  • Delete a Notebook
  • Name or change sections
  • Create a new section
  • Recolor tabs section
  • Delete a section
  • Move a tab section
  • Working with pages
  • Add a title to a page
  • Add a new page
  • Change the appearance of a page
  • Change Date or timestamp
  • Working with sub pages, demote, promoting
  • Expand or fold groups of sub pages
  • Apply a template to a page
  • Apply a template to an existing page
  • Choose a default template
  • Customize a template
  • Create your own template
  • Set default paste option
  • Create extra space horizontally, vertically and at the bottom
  • Search in Audio and Video files
  • Customize a pen or highlighter
  • Lock character mode
  • Select a default font
  • Screenclipper and Launcher
  • Create a hyperlink of text
  • Recently visited sections/pages
  • Start a linked Notes session
  • Merge notes into different containers
  • Use tables
  • Use hyperlinks to part of a page, section, or Notebook
  • Add tags to a note line
  • Tags-Task window
  • Security
  • Protect a section
  • Password settings (Options)
  • Back Up
  • Share notebook
  • Add calendar appointment details to Microsoft OneNote


You will receive a certificate of course attendance


Half a day (the content can be tailored for shorter course durations for instance for a course duration of 1,5 hrs)