Microsoft SharePoint User - MSSP (TDM-MSSP)

SharePoint is an online platform of Microsoft for storing, sharing, organizing, and using files within a private group. It is seen as a new way of working together online. SharePoint creates a website which enables members of a private group to use the available files. You can also share files easily with members who are not in the private SharePoint group. SharePoint enables more and better collaboration for every project team, department, and division through the dynamic and productive team sites. SharePoint is often used to store documents, but in fact, any file type can be stored on the SharePoint website. In addition, Microsoft has launched an online version of SharePoint: SharePoint Online. The online version is part of Office 365. SharePoint can also be used on your mobile phone and tablet.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for users of a SharePoint environment and helps you to maximize your benefit of using this tool.


Basic user knowledge of MS Windows and basic knowledge of other MS Office programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Outlook.


  • Introduction
  • Sites introduction
  • Working with Libraries and Lists
  • Working with documents



  • Terminology
  • Sign in as a user
  • Software requirments Office 365
  • Microsoft Office 2016

Sites Introduction

  • Trusted Sites
  • The user environment
  • Documents

Working met Libraries

  • The Ribbon
  • Document uploading
  • Upload documents via upload
  • Upload documents with the explorer
  • Share and track
  • File sharing
  • Alerts
  • The Ribbon (The LIBRARY tab)
  • Different views
  • Customize a standard view
  • Library: Share and track
  • Library: Connect and export

Working with Lists

  • Add new items to a list
  • Sort and filter a list
  • Create a list view

Working with documents

  • Saving Office Documents


You will receive a certificate of course attendance


One day (the content can be tailored for shorter course durations: either half a day or 1,5 hrs)