HPE OneView for Synergy Advanced Topics (H8PF6S)

The HPE OneView for HPE Synergy Advanced Topics class covers advanced HPE OneView features, including automation, firmware, and driver updates, SPP management, troubleshooting and VMware Lifecycle Management. This class uses both real hardware and DCS.


Administrators managing an HPE Synergy platform who want to extend their knowledge on more advanced HPE OneView features and integration points


Prior to this course, students should be able to perform HPE OneView and HPE Synergy administration tasks on their HPE Synergy environment. It is strongly recommended that students complete the H0LN3S HPE Synergy Administration course and achieve at least six month’s experience prior to attending this course.

Course objectives

After completing this class participant should be able:

  • Explain advanced HPE OneView features including firmware management
  • Use HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Server® for workload management
  • Manage HPE OneView security and perform basic troubleshooting
  • Use the HPE OneView PowerShell Library for automation
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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: HPE OneView Advanced Features 

  • Explain advanced HPE Virtual Connect features
  • Configure server profile with downlink aggregation
  • Describe firmware management using HPE OneView and explain HPE Integrated Smart Update Tools
  • Create custom SPP and use it to update HPE Synergy compute node

Module 2: Workload Management with VMware vSphere® Lifecycle Manager 

  • Explain HPE OneView for VMware vCenter features
  • Use VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager to update ESXi and HPE components

Module 3: Security, Troubleshooting and Automation 

  • Manage HPE OneView security
  • Perform HPE Synergy troubleshooting
  • Use HPE Synergy console 
  • Explain HPE OneView automation tools

Detailed Lab Outline

Lab 1: Advanced Server Profile Management 

  • Explore an existing setup
  • Prepare server profile with boot from SAN setup
  • Configure MPIO on the Windows operating system
  • Configure iLO and BIOS through the server profile
  • Configure and test downlink aggregation

Lab 2: Firmware Management for HPE Synergy Compute Node 

  • Create custom SPP 
  • Install and use HPE Integrated Smart Update Tools for an online system update
  • Use HPE OneView Update Readiness Checker

Lab 3: Workload Management with vSphere Lifecycle Manager 

  • Prepare HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Server for ESXi deployment
  • Prepare a server profile template for ESXi deployment
  • Deploy an ESXi system using HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Server
  • Use vSphere Lifecycle Manager
  • Connect a network set to an ESXi system
  • Creating private volume through the server profile

Lab 4: Working with HPE Storage Integration Pack for vCenter Server 

  • Use HPE Storage Integration Pack to create vVol datastore
  • Use vCenter Server to create VMFS datastore manually
  • Use HPE Storage Integration Pack to create VMFS datastore
  • Using other functionalities of HPE Storage Integration Pack for VMware vCenter

Lab 5: Integrating HPE OneView with Active Directory 

  • Configure Active Directory services 
  • Integrate HPE OneView with Active Directory

Lab 6: HPE Synergy Troubleshooting 

  • Use different tools to troubleshoot sample scenarios
  • Explore HPE Composer CLI
  • Accessing HPE Virtual Connect CLI
  • Use HPE Synergy console
  • Use refresh procedure on HPE Synergy compute node

Lab 7: Working with HPE OneView PowerShell Library 

  • Use HPE OneView PowerShell Library to configure DCS
  • Troubleshoot existing PowerShell scripts
  • Perform activity log management using PowerShell