Managing Tenants with Microsoft Lighthouse (TDM-LIGHTHOUSE)

Microsoft Lighthouse for Azure and MS365 offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to help administrators effectively manage and secure their Azure & Microsoft 365 environments, improving productivity, security, and compliance across the board.


Administrators managing multiple tenants or subscriptions with Lighthouse for Azure and Lighthouse for MS365


This training covers the following topics:

  • Cross-Tenant Management: managing multiple customer tenants or subscriptions from a single pane of glass, without needing to switch between different environments.
  • Delegated Access: granting specific permissions and access levels to customers, enabling them to manage their own resources while maintaining control over the overall environment.
  • Resource Management: using tools for efficient resource provisioning, monitoring, and management across multiple Azure environments, helping to optimize resource utilization and costs.
  • Policy Enforcement/Compliance Management: allowing administrators to enforce policies and compliance standards consistently across all managed tenants or subscriptions, ensuring adherence to security and governance requirements.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: centralized monitoring and reporting, allowing administrators to track performance, usage, and compliance metrics across all managed environments.
  • Security Monitoring and Alerts: using security monitoring capabilities, including advanced threat protection and alerts for suspicious activities, helping you to better protect your organization's data and infrastructure.
  • Automation: using automation and scripting through Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI, enabling administrators to automate common tasks and workflows across multiple Azure environments.
  • Scalability: apply scaling to support a large number of tenants or subscriptions, making Lighthouse suitable for both small-scale and enterprise-level deployments.
  • Customization and Integration: providing flexibility for customization and integration with other tools and services, allowing you to tailor the solution to fit your specific requirements and workflows.


Students are prepared to take the Applied Skilling Credentials Test


1 day