Verify Privilege Vault: Administration (TW410XG-SPVC)


IBM Security® Verify Privilege Vault helps keep privileged accounts safe. Accounts are secured in an encrypted vault. Discovering and vaulting privileged accounts helps you understand how many privileged accounts you have, and exactly who has access to your organization’s key systems through real-time session monitoring, recording, and key logging. IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault also helps organizations to maintain compliance through full audit reports on vault activity. 

In this course, learners will gain hands-on experience with Privilege Vault and learn how to use a variety of Privilege Vault features.


This course is designed and built on IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault version 11.6.26.


This course is tailored to students involved in privileged access management (PAM),

offering them a comprehensive understanding of the IBM Security Privilege Vault and its concepts.




What you will learn as you gain hands-on experience with the Privilege Vault:

  • What secrets and folders are, and how to create and maintain secrets and folders
  • What users, groups, roles, and permissions are, maintain users and groups, and configure roles and roles permissions
  • Discover secrets, and import secrets into a vault
  • Establish sessions to the target Windows and Linux machines and create custom launchers
  • Monitor and record privileged users’ activities using session recording, change secrets passwords automatically using remote password changing, configure secret templates, and use secret policies to apply setting to a group of secrets
  • Use built-in reports in Privilege Vault and create custom reports
  • Understand Privilege Vault architecture and various deployment types


Skills you will acquire:

  • Administer Privilege Vault
  • Use a variety of Privilege Vault features
  • Hone best practices for main Privilege Vault features
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Course Outline

Unit 1 - Secrets and folders

Unit 2 - User provisioning

Unit 3 - Discovery

Unit 4 - Launchers

Unit 5 - Additional features

Unit 6 - Reports

Unit 7 - Privilege Vault architecture