Introducing Hitachi Storage Architecture and Key Features (TCI2626)

Hardware and software components of the Hitachi Data Systems virtual storage family and program product portfolio

  • Principles and application of storage virtualization
  • Introduction to virtual storage management tools
  • Hitachi Command Suite, version 8 overview
  • Overview of data protection and replication offerings
  • Virtualizing technology benefits and features

This 2 day course includes an introduction to the architecture, features and associated products for the Hitachi virtual storage family. It also provides an overview of various storage management tools.

Additionally, the course explains Hitachi storage virtualization, replication and data protection products features and benefits.

The course concludes with a comparison of the features and benefits of Hitachi virtual storage and modular storage platforms.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of Hitachi Data Systems (File and Block) offerings
  • Identify and list the key features of storage management tools
  • List the components and functionality of Hitachi Command Suite
  • Describe the virtualization features
  • Describe the data protection offerings
  • Compare and contrast hardware and software features between virtualized and modular storage