IBM Db2 LUW Family Fundamentals (CE032G)


This course provides you with information about the functions of IBM's Db2, a relational database manager which may be installed under a variety of operating systems on many hardware platforms.   Db2 runs under a number of operating systems, such as z/OS, VM, Linux, UNIX, and Windows operating systems. The course includes discussion of how the Db2 products provide services. The focus is on the services Db2 provides and how users work with Db2, not on its internal workings. This course does not include hands-on labs.


Persons needing an introductory knowledge of DB2, and persons who are preparing for advanced and specialized DB2 education.


Basic knowledge in data processing.  


After completing this course, you should be able to: 

  • List and describe the major components of IBM's relational database, Db2
  • Explain the characteristics of a Db2 table
  • Describe the basic concepts of data modeling
  • Understand and code the processing instructions given to Db2 via simple SQL statements
  • List and describe several ways to build (write) and execute SQL statements
  • List and describe the steps needed to imbed SQL statements in an application program
  • Explain some of the functions performed by system and database administrators
  • Establish a base for more specialized Db2 education
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Course Outline

The following topics are included in this course: 


  • Understanding a table
  • Data modeling and database design
  • How end users use Db2
  • How a programmer uses Db2
  • What a system administrator does in Db2
  • What a database administrator does in Db2
  • Information management with Db2