High-Performance Computing with Containers (NHPCWC-OD)

Learn how to reduce complexity and improve portability and efficiency of your code by using a containerized environment for high-performance computing (HPC) application development. In this course, you'll:

  • Explore the basics of building and running Docker and Singularity containers
  • Use the HPC Container Maker (HPCCM) to programmatically configure complex, portable, bare-metal HPC environments for your application
  • Apply advanced container building techniques like layered containers and multi-stage builds
  • Utilize drop-in containerized versions of existing HPC applications like MPI Bandwidth and MILC

Upon completion, you'll be able to quickly build and utilize Docker, Singularity, and HPCCM for portable, bare-metal performance in your HPC applications.


Proficiency programming in C/C++ and professional experience working on HPC applications

Tools, libraries, frameworks used:

Docker, Singularity, HPCCM