Become 42% More efficient by using Copilot (AI) in MS Office (TDM-COPILOT)

Audience Profile

This course is suitable for anybody that is reasonable proficient with the internet and Microsoft office.

It is not overly technical but does include some very modern technical concepts. 

Course Overview:

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now baked into MS office. Using it to its maximum benefit can deliver a 42% efficiency benefit! This course will show you how!

Prerequisites & Audience Profile

  • Basic familiarity with IT terms and concepts
  • Knowledge of Microsoft 365 products such as Word, PowerPoint & Teams
  • Interest in Innovation and AI

The audience for this course includes business IT users, managers and decision makers who wish to gain basic familiarity with Generative AI use in MS office and it how it can be applied in a modern workplace. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course Learners will understand 

  • How to leverage AI in Word, Excel, Power Point, Teams etc.
  • Understand the basic concepts of Copilot. 
  • Become more efficient with admin tasks.
  • Use Copilot with company data – Safely!

Learners will be able to

  • Access Copilot inside of the MS office suite.
  • Apply AI to business situations.
  • Maintain business data security.
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Course Modules

Module 0: Introduction 

  • Welcome & Introductions 
  • Class timings (lunch etc)
  • Class rules (no phones etc.)

Module 1: Introduction to AI 

  • What is normal (human) intelligence?
  • Short History of Tech/AI
  • Buzzwords Decoded
  • What is Generative AI?
  • Isn’t ChatGPT just a fancy Google Search? 
  • What is MS Copilot.
  • Copilot Licensing.

Module 2: Getting started with Copilot.

  • Benefits/Advantages of Copilot.
  • Introduction to Copilot in MS (DEMO)
  • Copilot and Bing (DEMO)
  • Copilot and Bing (Practical session)


Module 3: AI in the workplace

  • Copilot and Word (DEMO).
  • Copilot and Power Point (DEMO).
  • Copilot and Teams (DEMO).
  • Copilot and Excel (DEMO).
  • Copilot and Company data (DEMO).

Module 4

  • Watch a 360 integrated example of Copilot and real word scenarios. Meeting, Minutes, Presentation, Task list emails etc.

Module 5 - Conclusions

  • Prepare an organisation for Copilot.
  • Make efficiency benefits measurable and quantifiable.
  • Q&A