HPE GreenLake Administration (HQ7J8S)

This course provides Tenant Administrators of the HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud environment with the ability to manage cloud services through the HPE GreenLake Central Platform. Some of the highlighted services that can be managed through the GreenLake Central portal include Continuous Compliance, Consumption Analytics, HPE Greenlake Private Cloud, HPE GreenLake Containers as a Service and HPE GreenLake Machine Learning Operations. This course also covers the connection of public cloud accounts to Continuous Compliance and Consumption Analytics, performing various administrative tasks within a private cloud, the creation and management of Kubernetes clusters, and the creation and management of machine learning projects.


Tenant Administrators of HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud.


HPE recommends that students attain the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course:

Completion of HPE GreenLake Fundamentals (HQ717S)

Course objectives

After completing this course, students should to be able to: 

  • Describe the purpose of GreenLake Central Platform modules, such as Continuous Compliance, Consumption Analytics, HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Virtual Machines as a Service, Containers as a Service and Machine Learning Operations.
  • Describe the role-based access control concepts of GreenLake Central and working with HPE support to add users and assign roles. 
  • Connect AWS and Azure cloud subscriptions with Continuous Compliance and Consumption Analytics.
  • Set up Continuous Compliance assessment schedules, audits and monitors.
  • Use SmartTags to improve Consumption Analytics reports.
  • Describe the provisioning, library and networking concepts of the HPE GreenLake Private Cloud service.
  • In the HPE GreenLake Private Cloud: 
    • create and manage provisioning resources instance types, layouts, and node types.
    • create and manage instance customization resources scripts, file templates and attach them to node types.
    • create and manage option types and attach them to instance types.
    • describe automation concepts apps and blueprints.
    • create their own virtual machine images and upload them to the cloud.
    • create virtual networks and connect them to the outside world.
    • create and manage networks, load balancers and firewalls.
    • work with HPE support to create routers.
    • describe the policy and power schedule concept and configure policies and power schedules.
    • describe how to backup and restore instances.
  • Create, scale, upgrade and view details of Kubernetes clusters using HPE GreenLake Containers as a Service.
  • Create and view details of machine learning projects using HPE GreenLake Machine Learning Operations.
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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to HPE GreenLake Central and its Administration 

  • Review of the HPE Greenlake hybrid cloud and its add-on services
  • The tenant user, tenant contributor and tenant administrator roles and their interaction with HPE
  • How to view the global status of HPE GreenLake

Module 2: HPE GreenLake Central Administration of Basic Services 

  • Viewing Identity and Access Management details
    • Identity and Access Management Concepts
    • Using Identity and Access Management
  • Trial Offers and Pricing Estimates
    • Service Trials
    • Pricing Estimates and Quotes
  • Continuous Compliance
    • Continuous Compliance Concepts
    • User Interface and Workflows for Administrative Tasks
    • Creating schedules, audits and monitors
  • Connection Cloud Providers AWS and Azure
    • Consumption Analytics 
    • Connecting Cloud Providers AWS and Azure
    • Resource Tagging and SmartTags

Module 3: Virtual Machines as a Service Administration 

  • Overview of Administrative Tasks
  • Provisioning
    • Concepts
    • Instance Provisioning Workflow
  • Images and Library Management
    • Library Objects For Provisioning Instances
    • Library Objects For Configuring Instances
    • Automation
    • Adding and Deleting Images
  • Networks
    • The Big Picture
    • Managing IP Pools and Networks
    • Load Balancers: Concepts and Workflows
    • Firewalls: Concepts and Workflows
  • Other Administrative Tasks
    • Power Schedules
    • Policies
    • Virtual Machine Backup and Restore
    • Environment Tags

Module 4: Containers as a Service (CaaS) 

  • CaaS Overview and Roles
  • Creating a Kubernetes Cluster in CaaS
  • The Ezmeral Dashboard

Module 5: ML/Ops Administration 

  • Project Access Permissions and Roles 
  • Creating a New ML Ops Project