Managing Global-Active Device Feature (TSI2728)

This 3 day instructor-led course provides information on configuring global-active device (GAD) using command control interface (CCI) and Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) GUI. It will familiarize you with GAD architecture, features and concepts.

This course includes hands-on lab activities to give you practice on how to configure HCS and CCI servers, create virtual storage machines, set up Hitachi Replication Manager, pair management server and manage GAD pairs.

Course Highlights

  • Discover global-active device (GAD) architecture and features
  • Learn how to perform GAD configurations using command control interface (CCI) and Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) GUI
  • Gain a detailed understanding of GAD integration, failure and recovery concepts

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe global-active device (GAD), its features and concepts
  • Describe GAD architecture and components
  • Identify supported configurations
  • Perform GAD configuration using command control interface /RAID Manager
  • Perform GAD configuration using Hitachi Command Suite GUI
  • Explain GAD failure and recovery
  • Explain GAD integration

Suggested Audience


Required Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge of Hitachi Remote Replication products and command control interface (CCI)/ RAID Manager

Prerequisite Courses

  • TSI2565 – Operating and Managing Hitachi Storage with Hitachi Command Suite v 8.x
  • TSI2564 – Managing Replication Solutions v8.x
  • CSI0147 – Hitachi Enterprise In-System and TrueCopy Remote Replications -OR- TSI0150 – Implementing Hitachi Universal Replicator on Open Systems
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Course Outline

Content Modules

  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Supported Configurations
  • Configuration Using CCI
  • Configuration Using Hitachi Command Suite GUI
  • Failure and Recovery
  • Integration

Learning Activities — Labs

  • Configure Hitachi Command Suite and CCI Server for Lab Environment
  • Set up an Environment for Managing GAD Pairs Using CCI
  • Create Virtual Storage Machines
  • Create HORCM Config Files and Perform Pair Operations
  • Configure HMO and Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager
  • Set up Hitachi Command Suite for Managing GAD Pairs
  • Set up Hitachi Replication Manager and Pair Management Server
  • Perform GAD Pair Operations Using Hitachi Command Suite GUI