Managing In-System and Remote Replications (TSI2980)

This 5 day course provides information on in-depth specifications, operations, and troubleshooting of the Hitachi In-System replication software bundle and the Hitachi TrueCopy Heterogeneous Remote Replication. In-System Replication software includes Hitachi ShadowImage, Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot, Hitachi Thin Image and Hitachi Replication Manager.

The course places an emphasis on managing replications with Command Control Interface (CCI) software. Additionally, this course discusses Hitachi High Availability Manager (HAM), global-active device data transport methods, and Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) features.

You will get hands-on practice using Hitachi Device Manager Storage Navigator (HDvM-SN), RAID Manager CCI, and RAIDCOM commands to build several in-system and remote replication configurations.