AWS Skill Builder Team subscription (AWS-SBTS)

Invest in your workforce with cloud training - empower teams to drive innovation

Subscription Term: 1 Year

Price: 449 USD per user, min 5 user

Accelerate business transformation

Help your teams build practical skills and cloud expertise critical to your organization. Over 600 digital courses and curated learning plans, along with interactive, hands-on training, provide engaging learning experiences that span more than 30 technical domains and all skill levels.

Build cloud skills at scale with AWS Skill Builder, the online learning center built by AWS experts

  • Self-paced labs with AWS Builder Labs
  • Game-based learning with AWS Cloud Quest and AWS Industry Quest
  • Use case challenges with AWS Jam
  • Exam preparation for AWS Certification

Top 5 benefits of AWS Skill Builder for Teams

  1. Accelerate business transformation
  2. Encourage hands-on experience
  3. Develop expertise in key roles and industries
  4. Motivate teams with collaborative learning and friendly competition
  5. Fast-track career development for team members

AWS Skill Builder overview and demo

Learn how to maximize your cloud investment by upskilling your workforce with diverse training and learning experiences.

Watch the demo >