StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM)

This course covers the basics of StorageGRID administration. This course focuses on enabling you to use the Grid Manager to monitor and manage a StorageGRID Webscale 11.1 system. You learn to create and manage storage tenant accounts and users. How to configure information lifecycle management (ILM) rules and policies to manage object protection. You will configure the StorageGRID NAS Bridge node for integration with legacy applications. You will configure a StorageGRID Archive node to integrate an external archive storage system. Finally you will learn how a StorageGRID system can be integrated into the NetApp Data Fabric.

Who should attend

NetApp employees, partners, and customers


StorageGRID Webscale Fundamentals

Course Objectives

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Use the Grid Manager to monitor and manage a StorageGRID system
  • Create and manage storage tenant accounts and users
  • Configure information lifecycle management (ILM) rules and policies
  • Learn about the different monitoring and administration interfaces and solutions
  • Configure the StorageGRID Archive node
  • Configure the StorageGRID NAS Bridge node
  • Configure and manage email notifications and custom alarms
  • Describe how StorageGRID can be integrated into the NetApp Data Fabric
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Course Outline

Module 1: StorageGRID Components and Services

  • StorageGRID components
  • Admin nodes
  • Storage nodes
  • API Gateway node
  • Archive node
  • Node service workflows
  • Optimal storage nodes

Module 2: StorageGRID Grid Manager

  • Grid manager
  • Accessing
  • Dashboard
  • Menus
  • Node page
  • Topology tree
  • StorageGRID configuration options
  • Transformation options
  • Object Durability options
  • StorageGRID adminstrators
  • Accounts
  • Access control
  • Local groups
  • Identity federation
  • StorageGRID management API

Module 3: Storage Tenant Administration

  • Tenant accounts
  • StorageGRID grid manager tenants page
  • Tenant manager
  • Tenant access control
  • Bucket access control
  • S3 Bucket configuration options
  • Compliance
  • Platform services
  • CloudMirror replication
  • Notifications configuration
  • StorageGRID tenant API

Module 4: Information Lifecycle Management

  • ILM policies and rules
  • Storage pools
  • Storage grades
  • S3 Regions
  • Configuring ILM policies

Module 5: Monitoring the StorageGRID System

  • Alarms
  • Severity indictors
  • Grid node events
  • Alarm class types
  • Notifications
  • Configuring notifications
  • Metrics API

Module 6: StorageGRID Archive Nodes

  • Types
  • Workflow during object archiving
  • Archiving to the cloud
  • Archiving to tape

Module 7: StorageGRID NAS Bridge

  • NAS bridge
  • File system and buckets
  • Configuration workflow
  • Configuring an SMB file system
  • Configuring an NFS file system
  • Maintenance tasks

Module 8: StorageGRID Maintenance

  • StorageGRID autosupport
  • Audit log
  • Managing StorageGRID services
  • Monitoring node services
  • Maintenance procedures
  • StorageGRID system tasks
  • Adding nodes
  • Expanding the system
  • Recovering nodes
  • StorageGRID software upgrades

Module 9: Integrating a StorageGRID System

  • ONTAP FabricPool
  • Security certificates
  • Add an ONTAP cloud-capacity tier
  • SolidFire backup to cloud
  • E-Series cloud connector
  • NetApp cloud sync
  • NetApp SaaS backup


  • Exploring Grid manager
  • Creating and managing StorageGRID administrator accounts
  • Managing tenant accounts
  • Using S3 tenant accounts
  • Configuring basic ILM
  • Object storage tiering
  • Placement based an object Metadata
  • Alarm management
  • Reporting
  • Archiving to the cloud
  • Configuring the NAS bridge
  • Grid maintenance tasks
  • Integrating with a swift protocol client
  • Using API docs to manage the StorageGRID system